Do you know what to do to build your business—but you’re not doing it?

You want to start a business, but months keep passing by and you’re not taking action. You feel you need another education first. Or you can’t settle on your niche or target market.

Or you have a business already, but you keep putting off doing your marketing. You avoid networking and you don’t do those Youtube videos you’ve been meaning to do. Or you know your fees are too low but you cannot bring yourself to raise them.

You know what to do to get more clients or earn more money. You’re just not doing it.

On the surface, it looks like life keeps putting stones in your way. But is that really what is holding you back? Or is there something else going on?

It’s our subconscious programming that is stopping us

What holds us back in procrastination, indecision, and overwhelm is our subconscious programming. Our limiting beliefs.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. We don’t have to let ourselves be run by a program that was written, for the most part, in our childhood.

The Lefkoe Method is a coaching method that gets rid of limiting beliefs once and for all. And when all the beliefs that are stopping you are gone, then there is nothing stopping you anymore.

That’s how I got rid of my own bad beliefs.

I struggled to market my business myself

I’ve struggled with all of the problems above myself.

I hated networking. I was very afraid of public speaking. I could never settle on my niche or target market. And when things were starting to go well I jumped ship and I started from the beginning in a completely different industry.

That way, as a self-employed person, I’ve worked in many different fields (software development, web design, freelance writing, coaching, teaching, portrait painting, and illustration). I never stuck to one thing.

Yes, I am a multi-passionate person. But I also had fear of success, thanks to my subconscious programming.

Since I got coached by the wonderful Shelly Lefkoe everything changed for me. Now I’m building my coaching praxis in which I’m helping other self-employed people the way that Shelly helped me.

I want to help you to do what you’re meant to do

It is my mission to help other self-employed people get rid of their limiting beliefs. I want you to be able to go out in the world, as a self-employed person, and do what you’re are meant to do.

I grew up in a household where both of my parents were entrepreneurs. So the special challenges that self-employed people face has always had a special place in my heart.

It’s a shame when negative programming is keeping us from pursuing our vocation.

I help you get rid of your limiting beliefs

I meet with clients online over e.g. Skype. We talk about what “stones” are lying in your way. Are you avoiding online visibility? Are you undercharging?

I ask you questions to find out what believes you have that is causing the unproductive pattern (the stones in your way).

Freier Zuschnitt

I’ve trained at the Lefkoe Institute and I’m currently being mentored by Shelly Lefkoe. I’m also a certified professional coach from Coach Training Alliance.

With the Lefkoe method, there is no homework, and you don’t have to “work on yourself.” The only work you have to do is the work that we do together during the sessions.

When your subconscious beliefs are gone your behavior will automatically change. Finally, you’ll start recording your youtube videos. Finally, you’ll raise your fees. And suddenly you’ll find it easy to settle on a target market.

Do a mini session with me and find out what is stopping you

Would you like to find out what is stopping you?

I offer a 30-minute complimentary mini session. In the session, I’ll help you find one or two beliefs that are holding you back. That’ll help you understand why you’re not doing what you do.

If you’re interested, I’ll also tell you more about the Lefkoe coaching and what it can do for you.

Click on the button below to book a complimentary mini session with me today. I’d love to talk to you!

More about me

I’m originally from Sweden but have been living in Germany for over ten years. I live together with my husband, our three daughters, and the wild German Shepherd Labrador Katinka.

We actually only wanted to stay a couple of years in Germany (my husband’s originally from here), but we ended up staying for good. Now we are spending the summers in the south of Sweden, in Landskrona, almost directly “opposite” of Copenhagen.

I studied computer science and technology at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. My coach training I’ve done at Coach Training Alliance and at the Lefkoe Institute.