Portrait Painting Case Study

Here you can see an example of what working together might be like.

This was to be a portrait of a couple, Daniela and her fiancée. It was to be a Christmas present for his parents.

I ended up using four different photos for this portrait. That’s a lot. Normally that wouldn’t be the case. For a one person portrait typically one good photo will be enough. But for a two person portrait this is an example of what can be done.

The pictures we choose

Selection of Photos

First I looked at a selection of photos. Unfortunately there wasn’t any one photo of the two of them that was suitable for a portrait. So I decided to combine two photos into one.

Mockup in Photoshop

I created a couple of different mockups of the photos in Photoshop.

The first mockups

In the meantime the couple had gotten a photo from a wedding they had been at. I thought the pose and the clothes were nice and would fit well for a portrait. But unfortunately they were grimacing towards the sun at the picture.

I decided to create a new mockup using the “wedding photo” together with the photos I had previously selected.

The new photo and mockup

They liked it and so I proceeded with the painting.


Before I started to paint I noticed that Daniela’s hair had been cropped in the original photo. So I took a lock of hair from another photo and added it to the mockup.

Adding lock of hair to final mockup

That way the final mockup ended up being a combination of four different photos.


Here are some pictures from the painting process:



When the painting was almost finished I scanned it in and created a few different backgrounds in Photoshop. I thought a blue background would fit well. I also wanted a darker background to make them “pop” (stand out from the page). But the couple preferred a lighter background.

After creating a few different versions with a lighter background they choose one which I painted.

The final portrait

P.S. Please observe that the photos chosen for this portrait were not ideal. To read more about what makes good photos for a portrait click here.

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