How a Portrait Commission Works

If you’d like to have a portrait painted, then this is how we would work together.

Step 1: Photo selection

First I’ll ask you to send me a few different photos of the person (or pet) you want to have portrayed. You can send the pictures to me via email, or you can share them using a file sharing service (e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive).

If you already have a photo in mind for the portrait we’ll use that of course. But if you’re not sure which photo to choose then don’t worry. I’ll help you to choose a photo that is suitable for a portrait.

In either case it’s important for me to see more than one photo of the person (or pet). That way I’ll have a more complete idea of what he or she looks like. I’ll also be able to double check details such as eye or hair color.

Optional Step 1B: Combining two photos into one

Sometimes you’ll want to combine two (or more) photos into one portrait. Especially if it’s a two person portrait. You might want to use one photo for one person and another photo for the other person. (To see an example of a portrait made using several different photos look here.)

If we decide to use two (or more) photos for the portrait I’ll do a Photoshop mockup combining the two photos into one. (It will look like I cut and pasted it with a scissor. But it’s all digital.)

Once I’m done with one or more mockups of your photos I’ll send them to you via email. And when you’ve chosen a good mockup image I’ll go ahead and start with the painting.

Here is an example of using a mockup of several photos

Step 2: Painting

When the painting is finished I’ll scan it in and send it to you via email. You then have the opportunity to request changes.

Step 3: Payment

After I’m done with possible revisions and you’re satisfied with the portrait I’ll send you the invoice. And as soon as I’ve received the payment I will send you your portrait.


For a list of prices look here.

Case Studies

To see an example of what this process might look like take a look at this case study.

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