Order a Funny Illustration

A funny illustration or Cartoon can make your website, brochure or slides look more interesting to look at.Hedgehog

Three versions

I offer cartoons or illustrations in three different versions:

  • Funny Character. A simple, affordable version. It’s simply a character doing something on a white background.
  • Basic cartoon. A character doing something in a scene (i.e. with a background).
  • Premium cartoon. Two or more characters in a scene (again, with a background). For examples of premium cartoons take a look at my gallery.

Commercial use

All the prices includes the right to use the illustrations commercially. On your website, brochure, slides etc.

Lead time

My current lead time for illustrations is around 2-3 weeks. If you need your illustration by a certain date (e.g. to use it in an ad campaign) , then please contact me to make sure that I can deliver it by that date.

How it works

This is step by step what will to happen if you order a cartoon or illustration:

  1. We’ll first schedule a short meeting (over Skype or phone) so you can tell me about your business or whatever it is that you want to illustrate. Alternatively you can simply send me a text you want illustrated.
  2. After that I will do a few sketches with possible cartoon ideas. You can then choose one (or more) of them. Alternatively, if none of them hit the mark you can ask for a couple of new sketches and ideas.
  3. When you have chosen an idea that you like I will start painting.
  4. Once the illustration is done I will send it to you in a low resolution and with a watermark. You can then request changes.
  5. I will do the changes and once you’re satisfied with your cartoon I will send you the bill. When the bill is payed I will send you the illustration in high resolution, in different formats, for print and for web.

[pic of folder with different formats?]


Funny Character

  • One figure
  • White background

Basic Cartoon

  • One figure
  • Background scene

Premium Cartoon

  • 2-5 figures
  • Background scene

What you get

All the illustrations are:

  • Royalty-free. The commercial usage rights are included in the price.
  • A5 (Half Letter). The size of the illustrations are A5 (Half Letter). If you want your illustration or cartoon in size A4 (Letter) that is 50€ extra.
  • High resolution. All the versions include high resolution image files suitable for print (300-600 dpi).


As stated above, if you’d like your illustration in size A4 (Letter) that’s 50€ extra.


The illustrations are made digitally. (I’m using digital brushes that makes it look like watercolor or ink). If you’d like to have an original of your illustration I will do it on paper instead. That’s 100€ extra. Just make sure to tell me before I start painting. 🙂



Be aware that the original might differ slightly from the end result. If you ask for changes I will make those digitally.

Case study

To get an idea of what working together will be like you can take a look at this case study.


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