Cartoon Illustration Case Study

Here you can see an example of an illustration commission.

Case Study Work Inn

Dörte and Tim Schabsky wanted something eye-catching and funny for a postcard campaign they were planning. They are the owners and founders of the coworking space Work Inn in Dortmund, Germany.

We met up and they told me what they were looking for. They wanted something about the downsides of working from home and the upsides of co-working. (Trying to work while staring at a pile of laundry was one of the examples they gave me.)


I created a few sketches of funny situations related to coworking. (Or rather situations when you don’t do coworking and try to work at home instead.)


They choose two of the sketches. For the third illustration they brought in their own specific ideas.


More sketches


Once I had finished the illustrations I sent them to the Schabskys for feedback. They requested a few of changes which I made.

Changes to the illustration Bird nest man

If you look closely the head actually got changed a second time…

Final versions

Cartoon The Kids Cupboard

This one people tend to remember



One day I got a postcard in my mailbox…


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