How to speed up the video of your online art courses

Aaron Blaise screenshot

I took a class on Skillshare by Lisa Congdon. It was the first time I took a class on Skillshare, and what I really liked was the ability to speed up the videos. (Though Lisa Congdon’s course was good too.) On Skillshare you can 1.25x, 1.5x and 2x the videos. (You can even go slower and 0.5x them.)

Generally, I find video watching a drag. Around 15 minutes a day is my limit. It doesn’t matter how entertaining the videos are (and Proko’s videos tend to be quite entertaining). After 15 minutes of screen watching, I want to do something else.

Now, with the ability to speed up the videos, I notice that I can stick to it much longer. It feels more effective. And if you need to slow things down to write some notes, then there is always the pause button.

The problem is, many of the other courses I’ve bought are using Vimeo. (Proko, Aaron Blaise, and Art Mentors are all using Vimeo.) And Vimeo doesn’t have a speed button. Or does it?

Chrome plugin Vimeo repeat & speed

Vimeo repeat & speed screenshot

I made a google search for—you guessed it—“how to speed up Vimeo videos”. And lo and behold, there is a neat little Chrome plugin that lets you do just that. Vimeo repeat & speed.

So now I’m watching Aaron Blaise’s Character Design Course at two times speed. That’s what seemed to work best for me after some testing. And now watching videos is no more a drag for me.

Aaron Blaise screenshot

Go ahead and give it a try.

I thought that speeding up the videos would make them more difficult to follow. But you quickly get used to it. And if 2x is too fast then there’s always 1.5 or even 1.3. You can enter any decimal number you want.

I love Vimeo repeat & speed. And I’ve almost come to love video watching. But 20-30 minutes a day is still my limit.

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